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Additional Information:

  • Ask about our "Pre-Wedding Signature Cocktail Hour" - a crowd pleaser!

  • Ask about our day of "Peace of Mind Bridal Assistant" - Inquire with Lacy
  • The venue will be available Thursday, (except for cresant moon package)prior to wedding for your convenience to set up for the wedding and have the Rehearsal Dinner.
  • A Saturday wedding allows you until 4:00 pm on Sunday to clean venue and grounds.
  • Depending on the weather and time of year, propane heaters or fans will also be available at no additional charge.
  • There will be Owl & Moon staff/security personnel on site during the wedding. We reserve the right to evict anyone exhibiting intoxication or unruliness during an event.
  • We do have access to ten (10) church pews for the ceremony should you be interested. There is a rental fee of $35 for each pew and $125.00 delivery/set-up fee.
  • Whiskey barrels can be rented for $35 each. There are four.