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Lodge/Main Venue


The 2,524 square foot air-conditioned main house is fully furnished and includes a foyer, dining room/banquet area, indoor bar, residential style kitchen (stove/oven, sink, and large refrigerator/cooler), and back porch area (extra seating and outdoor bar) all tastefully designed to create the perfect space to celebrate any important event.  The main venue is set up to seat 44 (12 in a private room that overlooks the courtyard, 21 in the main seating area, 11 at the countertop). The kitchen is designed to warm food, not to fully cook a meal. 

Years were spent foraging for the reclaimed Curly Pine, Birdseye Cypress and Juniper Wood displayed in architectural perfection throughout Owl and Moon. The copper and rough edged cypress bar tops, murals, tile mosaics, corrugated tin and breath taking views of the sun setting thru the South Georgia Pines on the lake out back creates the perfect harmony one feels in their soul when entering Owl and Moon Event Venue.  

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